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New Class Collection Points 20th & 21st July ONLY

  • New  Year 1 (Old Robins/Wrens) collected from Puffins and Kingfishers room (now Rosen and Donaldson) – Through main entrance, past hall on right hand side 

  • New Year 2 children (Old Puffins and Kingfishers) collected from Peregrines and Jays room (now Hargreaves and Aesop) – Through main entrance on left hand side 

  • New Year 3 children (Old Owls/Woodpeckers) collected from front of school by the tiles/benches. 

  • New Year 4 children (Old Swift/Pipits) collected from front of the school by the tree. 

  • New Year 5 children (Old Peregrines/Jays) collected from front entrance as previously 

  • New Year 6 children (Old Buzzards/Kestrels) dismissed through front entrance as previous 

  • Old Year 6 will leave from the EYFS building and will walk through the front entrance 

Adults in hi-vis vests will be able to direct you

Joy Waelend and Team


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