OUR Values



“Learning for Life and Aiming for Excellence; ready to take our place in God’s world”


Values Statement

At St Jude’s CE Primary School, we have a strong Christian foundation where each child is loved, valued and respected as an individual, and where they are positively encouraged to make their own distinctive contribution to the school. Everyone at St Jude’s has agreed on four key values by which to live our lives:

                                          Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Honesty

  • Because God loves us, we have a responsibility to love each other, to love God’s world and everything in it.
  • Hope is another word for faith and this faith comes from our belief in God.
  • Because God has forgiven us, we do all we can to forgive others when they have hurt us or caused us upset.
  • Honesty is about speaking the truth to each other in love and even if we are in the wrong being able to admit that we have made a mistake. We believe in the importance of saying sorry.

At St Jude’s from the time the children arrive at school in the morning, to the time they leave in the afternoon these four values encompass everything we do, as well as everything we try to be as a learning community. This might be seen within the formal curriculum, during playtimes, lunchtimes and the general ethos that pervades the school. As well as teaching the children to be confident writers, readers and mathematicians we actively promote their physical, spiritual, moral, emotional, and cultural development to contribute to their love of learning which we hope will last a lifetime. We teach them how to be a good friend, to resolve their differences without holding a grudge, to be unselfish and treat others as they themselves would like to be treated. These values are the solid foundations upon which our school is built.