Headteacher Award

Headteacher Awards are awarded to children who have been recommended by the Class Teacher or another teacher in the school. Last year these awards focused very much on achievement, progress and effort, but this year we are keen to offer awards for children who most noticeably demonstrate our values on a consistent basis. 

Well done to our Headteacher Award winners 2019/20!

Just a few of our HT award winners from Year 4. Their creative homework was to design new Tragedy & Comedy theatre masks.

 Already seeing huge leaps in progress in Year 6. Mrs Orman's smile is barely contained!

What a super start to the year for this champ. Even SW Trains contacted us on Twitter saying how they can't wait for his application in a few years!
First homework of the year on the Home Learning wall in the library. What an accolade!
Thanks to this young lady for her sunset picture. Miss Lewis & Miss Osborne's office is a lot brighter!
This young man wowed his class teachers with his great attitude & independence!
Well done for using your phonics skills independently in your writing. A HT award well earned!
Mr Green loves a photo opportunity & couldn't resist sneaking into this one. Super maths... keep it up gents!
These class 4F children were the first KS2 pupils to win a HT award for great work this year. Their Superhero poems were both thoughtful & funny!

 This lady's brain must have been kept in check over summer. She has been storming all things maths so far!