Donate to The mural

 If any of you have ever walked around the school, we hope you would agree that it is a bright, engaging space and that the shared spaces and corridors are celebration spaces, showing off work, themes and projects.

Well, unfortunately, the back stair case just doesn’t have the same feel as the rest of the school. As it is a stairwell we can’t hang any displays and work in this area, so it remains a white, empty space. Our plan is to have some ‘mural type’ art work painted directly onto the wall, you only have to type ‘School hallway mural’ into Pinterest to get an idea of what we mean.

Can you help to turn this space into a phenomenal, bright, encouraging space for pupils?

If you feel able to support this project, please do make a donation using the link below which will direct you to ScoPay - no amount is too small and every single penny will help. If you know of anyone else (business or person) who would like to make a donation but does not have a ScoPay account please do contact

Please click here to make a voluntary donation to the Mural.