Donate to the Bus

Earlier this academic year, Miss Lewis had a dreamy, thought-bubble moment and found herself questioning how we could gain more learning and play space for pupils at St Jude's without needing to extend the building or lose any of our green space. After many Pinterest moments - all with an alternative building type in mind - she settled on a bus being the ideal addition to the school, and as luck would have it, Miss Wilcox poked her head round the door and casually enquired about getting involved in a school project. As they say... the rest is history. 

Now, just 6 months later, we are delighted to share the exciting news that the wonderful Miss Wilcox has been able to secure us a super, duper, Double-Decker Bus!

As we all know, space really is a premium and our School Bus will provide a welcome new home for our Service Pupils to meet every week, be the base for our School Council and Eco-Warrior meetings, as well as providing whole class space for drama or reading and some smaller 'pods' for 1-1 or group work. It will also give us a meeting space and undoubtedly provide us with many great photo opportunities.

Recently the lovely ladies from Paint Chill Co, joined us to paint a beautiful mural on one of the school walls and we are hopeful that this design can be extended to cover the bus. We will also need to make sure that sockets and lighting is installed so it can be used throughout the year as well as fitting desks upstairs and making sure the space, is bright, safe and pupil ready.

If you feel able to support this project, please do make a donation using the link below - no amount is too small and every single penny will help turn this bus into a beautiful bonus space for every pupil. If you know of anyone else (business or person) who would like to make a donation please do contact

Please click here to make a voluntary donation to the Bus.