Collective Worship and spirituality

As a Church School we celebrate our Christian distinction and values via a Collective Act of
Worship every day. When Worship takes place in the hall, we light a candle, discuss a bible
teaching and sing a hymn or song together. We always end with a prayer or reflection that
children take through the day/week. The clergy from St Jude's Church lead a weekly
collective worship, with other local clergy also contributing regularly.

Across the school we grow and support spirituality by offering reflection areas in each of the
classrooms. On the reflection spaces are various items which can assist the children when
having moments of thoughtfulness/mindfulness spirituality and prayer. There are key items
in these areas including a door, window, candle and mirror to support children in being
spiritual and expressing their thoughts about the world. Bibles used in RE and Collective
Worship are also part of the reflection space along with TSP prayer spoons and personal
class items.

Around the school are prayer trees on which children can add their own prayers to share in
collective worship or at other times. Prayer is an important part of school life and we have
daily prayer in Collective Worship and encourage children to add their own prayers to the
prayer tree as well as engaging in the end of day prayer.
At the main entrance is our school altar which offers explanations and pictures of St Jude –
who he is and what he is known for. Our Big Question Cycle helps us to review who St Jude
is and why we are named after him. This is backed by three beautiful stained glass windows
from the original school building, 1852.

Also, on display about the school are insightful quotes for children to read and reflect upon
and support the discussions raised by The Big Question

The Big Question

Our Big Question has been designed so that children have a chance to express and
discuss their spirituality. It also gives the children a safe and secure space in which to ask
questions about their own faith which can then encourage further discussion at home. Each
week one question is put to the class, a deep discussion follows and our teachers ensure our school values are interwoven to allow for a good understanding of what they mean and how they are conveyed.


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